About Me Bluegreen Girl

I’m just a bluegreen girl – living in a red state.  I am a liberal who cares about the environment.  That is where I got the name for BLOG.  Blue green is also one of my favorite colors and I have a weird story about blue and green and my eye color.  When I was born my eyes were blue – about the age of 11 my eyes would turn green in Spring and Summer and back to blue Fall and Winter.  At some point, they stayed green. None of that really means anything J but it’s all good.

Really about me – I am typically a very positive person who used to be very negative.  I had a life shift in my early 20’s and started a journey that eventually led me to question everything.  That led me to reading about different religions, meeting a bunch of different people, learning that ultimately, happiness is a choice.   I later reached out and started to meditate.  I cannot tell you how much this changed my life and my outlook.  Quieting the mind is an amazing power and a shift to thinking that is hard to put into words.

I am currently going through a battle with breast cancer (2017) and the positive thinking has helped me immensely but also wanes at times.  I have so much I want to say so that is why I looked to start a blog.

Peace and Love